Unwilling to sacrifice performance or applications,
Kennametal introduces Beyond™ Evolution™

Choosing the right tooling can be complicated and time-consuming. Built on simplicity, we have engineered a new tool that makes every machine operator's life EASY.

Beyond™ Evolution™ is the new single-side grooving and cut-off tool that also performs multi-directional turning.

Productivity made EASY through Active Coolant Control

If your coolant delivery is typical to the market, you may be applying more heat to the cutting edge than you think. This reduces tool life and increases cycle time.

With Beyond Evolution, you won’t have to change your existing equipment.

Whether you are using a high pressure or low pressure coolant supply, Beyond Evolution, featuring Active Coolant Control, delivers more tool life or higher metal removal rates.

Smooth surface finish made EASY through Triple-V Seating

Problem: Traditional single-sided grooving and cut-off systems cannot deliver smooth surface finish due to lack of stability.

Solution: Beyond Evolution’s proprietary new Triple-V Seating feature provides functional stability and minimizes vibration.

Three contact surfaces provide unmatched stability: When combined with GUP and CF chipbreakers, Triple-V Seating provides excellent surface finish.

Saving money made EASY

Beyond Evolution, featuring Active Coolant Control, Triple-V Seating, and Beyond Drive grades with Wear Detection Technology, provides longer tool life, maximum stability, and higher metal removal rates, resulting in up to 30% higher productivity.

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