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We are proud to sell, serve, and support the following product lines. Individually they are leaders in excellence, together they offer valuable and innovative solutions.



A.B. Tools, Inc. Rotary Cutting Tools
Advent Tools Threadmills
Allied Machine & Engineering Drilling, Reaming and Threading
Allied Tool Products Special Grooving
American National Carbide Inserts
Anderson Products Power Brushes, Abrasives
ARC Abrasives Abrasives


Benz Tooling Static, Angle Heads, Speeders, 5-Axis, Quick Tool Systems
Big Kaiser Boring, Presetters
Bitner Tooling Special Drills, Reamers, Subland Tools
Blaser Swisslube Coolants
Boneham Metal Products Drill Bushings
Burr King Abrasive Grinders


Carmex Precision Tools LTD Carbide Threading Tools
Carborendum Grinding Wheels/Coated Abrasives
CJT Koolcarb Drills, Reamers, End Mills
Collis Tool CNC Tooling
Command Corporation Rotary Tool Holders
Conical Tool Tapered End Mills
Contact Rubber Contact Wheels
Custom Carbide Cutter, Inc. Carbide Burrs, Cutters, Specials
Cutting Edge Technologies Cutting Tools


Desmond Dresser Grinding Wheel Dressers
Dillon Manufacturing Chuck Jaws
Dorian Tool Indexable Cutting Tools
Dura-Mill Carbide End Mills, Milling Cutters


Eclipse/Metcut C’Bores, C’Sinks, Reamers, Spotfacers
Edward Andrews Machine Tool Accessories
Emuge Taps, Thread Mills
Everede Tool Boring Bars, Porting Tools, Indexable Engraving


F&D Tool Carbide & High Speed Cutting Tools
Fette Milling, Thread Rolling
Form Roll Die Knurls
Frasia Drilling, Indexable Inserts, Custom, End Milling
Fullerton Tool Carbide Tools


Garr Tool Carbide End Mills, Drills, Rotary Files
General Oil Way Lubes
Glastonbury Southern Gage Gages
Global CNC Industries, LTD CNC Tool Accessories
Gloor Precision Carbide Tools
Grobet Files, Tools, Supplies & Equipment
Guardir Safety Air Guns
Guhring Drill Drills: HSS & Carbide, Taps


Harvey Tool Carbide EM, Comb Drill, Specials
Hitachi Indexable Milling Systems, End Mills, Drills
Horn USA, Inc. Carbide Inserts
HP Wetmore Standard, Specialty Cutting Tools
Huron Machine Products Chuck Jaws


Ingersoll Cutting Tools Cutting Tools
Internal Tool Boring Grooving Tools


Jacobs Chucks
JDM International, Inc. Ceramic Inserts
Jowiit & Rodgers Co Wheels, Resin Grinding Products


K-Tool Inserts & Cutters
Kaiser Thinbit Inserts
Kaiser Tool Co, Inc. Thin Grooving
Kanebridge Corp Fasteners
Kennametal Metalworking Products
Kitagawa-Northtech Chucks & Workholding Products
Kyocera Cutting Tools Cermet/Ceramic Cutting Tools


Lexington Cutter, Inc. Carbide Tools
Link Industries Center Drilling Products


M.A. Ford Round Carbide Tools
Madison Old Style Boring Tools
Magafor Center Drills, C’Sinks
Manchester Tool Company Cut-off & Grooving
Melin Tool HSS/Carbide End Mills
Michigan Drill Specialty Drills, Extended Length
Micro 100 Solid Carbide, Mini Boring, Threading, Grooving Tools
Mikron Corp Monroe Carbide Tooling Crazy Drills
Millstar Carbide Inserts, Ball Mills
MITGI Micro End Mills, Micro Drills, Reamers, Thread Mills, End Mills
Mitsubishi Carbide Turning, Drilling, Milling Systems
Mitutoyo Precision Tools, SPC Systems
Modern Abrasives Mounted Wheels
Morse Cutting Tools Drills, Taps, End Mills


New Tech Cutting Tools Indexable Carbide Radius, Angle, Special Form Cutters
Niagara Cutter HSS, Carbide End Mills & Cutters
North American Tool Drills, Taps, Special Thread Tool Products
NTK Ceramics Cermet/Ceramic Cutting Tools


Parlec Rotary Tool Holders, Boring
PDQ Marlin Tool Quick-Change Tooling
PH Horn Cutting, Turning, Milling, Broaching, Reaming
Pratt Burnerd America Chucks & Workholding
Precision Components Rotary Tooling
Precision Twist Dormer Drills & Taps
Primary Cutter Supermill High-Performance Carbide Endmills
Procunier Drilling & Tapping Attachments


Quality Chasers HSS Threading Chasers


Radiac Abrasives Grinding Wheels, Diamond Nibs,
Ready Tool Live/Dead Centers
Regal Cutting Tools Taps, Drills, Reamers, C’sinks
Rego-Fix Collet Systems
Reiff & Nestor Taps, Drills, Reamers, C’sinks
Retention Knob Supply Retention Knobs
Richards Micro Tool Carbide End Mills, Drills, Micro-Tools
Rigibore Inc. Boring Systems
Riten Industries Live/Dead Centers
Robb Jack Corp Saws and Endmills
Roentgen Sawblades Bandsaws
Rohm Products of America Chucks & Workholding Products
Royal Products Centers, Collets & Deburring
RTW Inserts, Toolholders, Boring Bars


Schunk Rotary Holders, Machine Tool Chucks
SCM America Rotary Tool Holders, Tapping, Collets
Scully Jones Tool Holders
Siem Tool Engineered Carbide Tooling
Sowa Tool Collets, Tool Holders
SP3 Inc. CVD Diamond Coating
Stellram Metalcutting Solutions
Sumitomo Turning, Boring, Milling, Drilling, CBN, PCD
Superior Cincinnati Collets


3M Coated Abrasives, Tapes, Safety Products
TE-CO Workholding Tech Workholding & Set Up
Techleader Tooling Inc. Tooling & Holders
Techniks, Inc. Rotary Toolholders
TM Smith Tool Holders: Quick-Change
TMX Tooling Technologies Cutting Tool, Indexable Tooling
Tool-Flo Threading, Grooving, Inserts & Holders


Ultra-Dex Specialty Round Carbide Tools
Unisand Coated Abrasives


Van Kuren Gages
Vega Tool Corporation HP Taps, SC Endmills, Milling
Viking Drill Standard Drills
VNE Corporation Carbide Threading, Grooving, Turning & Milling


Widell Industries Special Taps, Dies & Gages
Wright Tool Hand Tools


Xactform USA Thread Milling Products


YG-1 Milling, Drills & Taps, Cutting Tools
Yankee Reamer Yankee Reamer


Zebra Skimmers Corp Oil Skimmers, Coolant Management, Fluid Maintenance



If you need more information or have a question related to one or more of the lines listed above—or require specific technical guidance, please contact our team.